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Hello my name is Icy and I have a very calm and creative personality and I love what I do because you are part of it. And this how I conduct my business. You, you and more about you.How did you meet ,how long you have been together? Who proposed? What kind of wedding are you planning? Love to learn about my couples and their lives...
Finding a photographer for your big day is not an easy task so here is a little about me.
I have been shooting weddings for 7 years now. I have always been a very creative individual in many different mediums, played bass guitar in a band professionally for years but photography is the artistic medium I feel the most comfortable in. Very much influenced by the everyday things and by the extraordinary things.

I cover two main type of photography: wedding photography, dance photography.

The video below is a collaboration shoot of all sort of fantastic wedding supplier(well I am in it:))from all over London Have a peek to see how those creations get made.
PS I had pink hair at the time. And yes I am wearing massive socks, I always wear socks when I shoot in a studio. No idea why but it started when I first work with dancers and it stuck.
But don't worry I won't be wearing them at your wedding, I mean there is relax and "relax".

BTSballet&butterflies from JHWF Media on Vimeo.

Thanks to Ashleigh from JHWF Media.

I make sure that I don't just bring my cameras and skills with me but also my warmth, calm and humour.
Born in the French Alps. I love my Man and our Dog. Lover of Elliott Erwitt's work, ex-ice skater, tattoos, swimming in rivers and I am a lover of umbrellas amongst many things.
I would love to meet you so don't hesitate for a minute to call or drop me an email...

"After seeing pictures on Icy's website i knew her skill in taking pictures that bring out the emotion and a persons beauty would be in safe hands with her. She exceeded my expectations and the final result left me and my partner speechless.
Icy is open and accomodating, a simple email outlining what i needed for the day was met with a jolly and professional response. Im so glad i booked my wedding pictures with Icy.. so glad in fact me and my partner are hoping to book her again in spring for some outdoor shots :O) Thanks for a wonderful job xx"
Tara Solomom

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