Alice in Weddingland

Well hi there,

You are on this "secret squirrel page" because you come from Alice in weddingland blog...
Which means you are my kind of peeps! I adore working with people who like to think a little differently, making their wedding their own...I mean it is YOUR day after all, right?

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So as a thank you for being different and my kind of couples, I am offering a 10% off my photography prices on my Digital and Album packages!!!

WHY??? Well that is a fair question! Is it because I am not getting enough wedding bookings? Is it because I am a newbie desperate to start in the wedding industry? Is it because I am rubbish?
Well no! I am busy and experienced and I will let you decide on whether I am rubbish or not. ;)
It's because I want more of the different and less of the traditional, it really IS that simple.
So by all mean get in touch.
Please make sure you mention the AIW code when you get in touch...
And if you don't get in touch, I wish you a lifetime of happiness...(It's not corny if you mean it.) :)

And why not having a look at this behind the scene video that was featured on Alice in WeddingLand...

BTSballet&butterflies from JHWF Media on Vimeo.

Icy X